HTC Magic to be delayed by up to a month

Aw, man – we were just starting to get excited. April, long listed as Vodafone’s launch windows for the HTC Magic, is upon us, and we’re ready to play with a new Android device.

Unfortunately, there’s now good reason to believe that it may be up to a month before the device hits the shelves. Pocket-Lint contacted Vodafone’s sales line, who told them that the computers now listed May 1st as the launch date. HTC went ahead and confirmed the delay (though they didn’t verify May 1st as being a date of importance), saying “We are confident that Vodafone’s customers will be delighted with the HTC Magic in spite of a short delay due to a last minute hardware change.”

We were beginning to worry that something was up when the Magic handsets HTC had at CTIA09 were all the unfinished prototype models, with tiny, narrow face buttons rather than the big round ones visible in the press images. Might there have been some snags in pushing the button layout changes through the pipes?

[Via Engadget Mobile]