Geek ‘n Rolla – Tech Startups Rock! – April 21, London

TechCrunch Europe is announcing a grand day out for European tech startups old and new to share real, hard-core knowledge about their experiences on April 21. The event is called “Geek ‘n Rolla” in a light-hearted homage to Rock ‘n Rolla, the movie which also pulls no punches. Geek’n Rolla is sponsored by Viadeo one of the largest professional social networks in the world, and supported by UK Trade and Investment, as well as NESTA, the National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts. You can buy early-bird tickets already here. This is as much an event for would-be entrepreneurs as it is for startups already ‘doing the business’. If you are passionate about being disruptive and thinking big, this is your event. With the economy on a major downer, one of the few uppers left is the zest and creative energy tech startups bring to the world – that’s what Geek ‘n Rolla is setting out to showcase and celebrate. Check out our speaker line-up after the jump.