Kyocera intros a pair of handsets headed to Virgin Mobile

One of these new phones is a full feature texting handset, while the other is your standard thin but basic device. One has stereo Bluetooth and a Facebook support and the other one can play games. One has a full QWERTY keyboard while the other has a number pad(!!!!). Chances are you would probably buy the X-tc instead of the Jax, eh? Yeah, probably.

The X-tc seems like a quality Virgin Mobile handset. It has almost everything we have came to expect from a modern cell phone including a 1.3 MP camera along with the notable specs mentioned above. Expect to pay $100 for this one one.

The Jax isn’t marketed towards us. It’s basically a rebranded S1300 Melo that is also available from Cricket and MetroPCS. It does have mobile web access but I suspect that the overall browsing experience wouldn’t be that great. No camera, no Bluetooth, no media player, but it does rock a speakerphone. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet not that you would care anyway.