TetherBerry: The extremely easy BlackBerry tethering app

Tethering a mobile phone to a laptop was once was a laborious adventure into the depths of forums and hack sites. Eventually though, the task become a bit easier with just a few settings on both the phone and the notebook, but TetherBerry makes it even easier. Like stupid easy.

TetherBerry has been in beta for a while now and set to go retail at 1pm PT today so you may wanna jump on the beta quick to give her a test drive. You will be impressed.

The tethering task is completed with a small app being installed on both the BlackBerry and the PC. Once both of these small programs are fired up, you’re done. There isn’t any settings that needs adjusting on either the PC or mobile. It just works, and it’s not terribly slow.

I saw a speed of 1403 kb/s up and 584 KB/s down while testing the app this morning which is totally acceptable by my standards. Google Chrome loaded the pages fast and it worked great. This is seriously the easiest solution available. It’s too bad that there isn’t a OS X release or Bluetooth mode, but we have to imagine that those are coming soon. Hopefully.