Gresso Skeleton Gold costs $4,400 ridiculous dollars


Hah! And we thought the LG watch phone was expensive at the paltry price of $1,400. Showing how absurd pricing should really be done, Gresso has announced the Skeleton Gold, a sub-par spec’d candybar they’re looking to peddle for a cool $4,400.

The primary selling point is right in the name: gold. The keypad is trimmed out with 18k gold, with 42k sapphire glass covering the screen and serving as a window to the back of the handset.

But surely, a $4,400 phone brings more to the table than a bit of gold and some fancy glass, right? Nope. The specs are about as standard as they come: QVGA screen, Win Mo 6.0 Standard, Bluetooth, 2 gigs of internal storage, and a 2MP camera. Come on, guys – if you’re going to charge the equivalent of a down payment on a Honda, at least spec it to the teeth.

The run is limited to 50 phones – unfortunately, I’m absolutely positive there are 50+ chumps out there with the change to buy this.

[Via UnwiredView]