Select Comfort’s ‘Sleep Number Pet Bed’

petbed If you’ve ever worried that you waste too much time on the internet, let me put those fears to rest with the following factoid: Did you know that Select Comfort makes a Sleep Number bed for your dog? For your DOG. It costs $132.99 (on sale, down from $189.99).

The little lady and I just got our first dog a week ago and the mind-numbing amount of ridiculous, overpriced pet merchandise is already staggering. Silly me, I figured, “Hey, it’s a dog. Food, check. Water, check. Kennel, check.” Anything else and he’s living better than I am.

We’ll let Select Comfort try to convince you:

“Give your pet the ultimate luxury of a bed with adjustable firmness for the customized comfort. It’s easy to adjust to the ideal firmness with a handheld remote, and the soft microsuede cover is waterproof and machine washable. A plush layer of foam provides additional comfort.”

Ideal firmness? For a dog? Microsuede? What? Our dog’s sleep number bed has just one setting: “crumpled up towel.” Sometimes we wash it for the ultimate luxury of a clean towel.

Sleep Number Pet Bed [Select Comfort via InventorSpot]