Glove-like ping pong paddle for improved accuracy, superior backhand


Oh man, I would really like to once again be able to play some ping pong on a regular basis. My kingdom for a larger apartment, money for a ping pong table, and at least one friend in real life! On a somewhat related note, this weird-ass ping pong paddle is intriguing. You wear the entire thing on your hand, which I’d assume makes it an almost spiritual extension of your body.

17975_det The paddle apparently “improves accuracy, control and swing… you will notice a more intuitive, natural hit motion and superior backhand.” It’s also good for people with arthritis, “because there is no clenching.” Except, of course, when you’re gnashing your teeth together to deliver a game-point overhead smash, lodging the ball into your grandson’s forehead.

So how much would you pay for a pair of these paddles? If you said $100, then you’re in luck because that’s exactly how much they cost. If that sounds a bit expensive, then maybe you need to get more serious about the game. Or perhaps you could consider the nice extras – a carrying case, two wristbands (schweeeet!), and four ping pong balls – as something of an added value.

PING PONG PADDLE SET [Uncommon Goods via Random Good Stuff]