Guitar Hero rocking on over to the Android Market


ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!? Yeah!? Thats cool, but would you settle for jamming little buttons on a touchscreen instead?

Now that the Android Market is beginning to allow developers to submit paid applications, the big name brands are starting to pay attention. Telegraph is reporting that Guitar Hero is headed for Android, and should be one of the first apps to go up for sale. Gameplay reportedly involves jamming onscreen buttons – but for the sake of keeping Android handsets around the world from being frustratedly thrown into walls, we certainly hope they’ve mapped out some keyboard support a la Frets on Fire.

We’re also hoping that EA and Harmonics respond with a full Rock Band port. Image: two guys poking at their screens, one singing whilst holding the headset up to their ear, and another banging away on the screen with little tiny drumsticks. It would be magical.

[Via GuitarHeroNews]