Android pay apps to multiply, thrive in RC33

g1cashLast week’s update to the T-Mobile G1, which included the handy voice search among other things, apparently also laid the foundation for the real pay app push, which should be starting right… about… I’m going to say Wednesday. T-Mo had this to say:

Last week, T-Mobile began rolling out a maintenance release (1.1 RC33) to T-Mobile G1 customers, which included several new features and software updates, including Google Search by voice and Google Latitude. Also included in the MR is support for priced applications on Android Market.

I wanted to inform you that, starting next week, priced applications will begin to populate Android Market, providing T-Mobile customers with even more unique applications to personalize and enhance their T-Mobile G1s. Additional information on priced applications can be found at

I think we can expect a few more professional apps to be rolling out, along with the commercial versions promised in all the release candidates on the Market right now. “Free for now, pay version will have this, this, and this!” Maybe the timing (rollout during MWC) will bestow an extra degree of publicity. Unfortunately, European Android users will have to wait a little longer, although Q1 is still the target for them.