Liquor Locator iPhone app

liquorWhile it may be easy enough to type “liquor” into Maps on your iPhone, this way may be even easier. And I’ve often found that when one is in desperate need of liquor, easier is better. Of course, this particular app (still in development) doesn’t just find liquor stores nearby — it’s put out by Proximo Spirits, and it only finds their liquor. Good if you like those brands, but somewhat limiting if you prefer, say, Monarch (shudder).

You can find an analogue here on their site — it’s just like any other store locator app, but it’s by brand. The same will apply to the iPhone app (which I’ve mocked up to the right, pretty nicely too). So if you need a fifth of Three Olives on your person at all times and no other will do, this is probably going to be your thing.

Somebody needs to make an iPhone app out there that allows you to choose from more than their own brands of liquors — companies would pay good money to have their names included on a default list.