Archos unveils plans for an Android-based Internet Media Tablet mobile "phone"

Archos, best known for its line of hard drive-based portable media players, has announced plans to “extend its product line with a new ultra-thin Internet Media Tablet combined with a mobile phone, by merging Google’s Android telephony stack and the ARCHOS’ multimedia framework,” according to IT News Online.

This new hybrid device (something of a joint effort between Archos and Texas Instruments) aims to merge the functionality of a “premium” smartphone with the rich multimedia capabilities found throughout the rest of Archos’ lineup.

Archos first introduced its Internet Media Tablets last summer. This newly announced model will be the first with voice support, along with being the first to be Android-based. Hopefully this new breed will offer greater expandability (theoretically the Android Market App should help with this), something that has been notoriously lacking in previous Archos devices.

Look for the ArcDroidTab to land sometime in Q3 2009.

[via ArchosFans]