New iMacs coming soon? Sounds 'bout right.

imacApple has informed retail partners that iMac availability is going to be strained in the coming weeks which might mean the company is slowing down production of the current lineup ahead of announcing new models. The iMacs are anything but outdated, but the model line definitely isn’t cutting edge either. Intel’s low power, quad-core CPUs should replace the Core 2 Duo processor along with an NVIDIA GPU architecture that the company seems infatuated with lately. A Blu-ray drive would be nice too, but that likely will not happen due to Apple’s stance on physical media in general.

It’s hard to tell exactly when Apple will launch the new models – if there are new models to launch – now that Macworld isn’t the soapbox of years past. The company is sure to send out invites to a cleverly named special event where the new lineup will be announced. And yes, we will be there.