Report: Circuit City's liquidation going great


Despite our attempts to inform everyone that the Circuit City liquidation deals are scams, apparently some people are still spending their money at the dead retailer. In fact, there the liquidator overlords might start another round of markdowns starting today because the sales are going so well. The distribution centers are almost cleared out and it seems Circuit City’s days are coming to a close.

Scott Carpenter, executive who has been overseeing the liquidation,

We are very pleased with the reception that these clearance sales has received, and we anticipate that more and more people will come out to take advantage of the great bargains being offered, with the Super Bowl coming this Sunday, we expect many consumers to be purchasing HDTVs, especially in the 50″ and larger widescreen sizes.”

Apparently perception is everything and people are will to drop their cash on items that seem on sale, but really are not. It’s sad really. Eventually, there should be some good deal but so far we have yet to hear of a single one.