Rumor: T-Mobile G2 coming January 26 of '09?

If this one turns out true, it looks like T-Mobile’s followup to the G1 might be on the shelves as early as next month. Note the emphasis on “might” there – while there’s nothing red flagging it as false, we’re taking this one with the finest grain of salt we have to spare.

Be it that the specs pan out, the G2 should be a pretty substantial step up from the G1. Not only would the camera get bumped up to 5 megapixels (from 3.2), but it’d be sporting a secondary (and presumably front facing) VGA camera as well. The list also claims Stereo Bluetooth connectivity and Video Capture, indicating that the G2 might be the first we see of the the “Cupcake” release we heard about yesterday. Curiously absent is any mention of a physical QWERTY keyboard, though “Full Touch screen” is right up there at the top; the “Cupcake” docs do mention onscreen keyboard support – might the G2 drop the input method that made the G1 so appealing to many touchscreen naysayers?

We’re not doubtful that a G1 sequel is in the works, mind you – the naming scheme probably ends with a number for a reason. It would just be surprising to see it so soon. Based off what we know of other Android handsets in the works, this would be the second Android-powered handset to be released. That works out to T-Mobile getting not only one, but two Android handsets before anyone else – something I’d imagine might upset the other US carrier (namely, Sprint) in the Open Handset Alliance. Not to mention early adopters – other Android handsets are coming, that’s for sure, many of which will likely outspec the G1. But to make the G1 obsolete with a sequentially advanced followup just 3 months after its release seems absurd.

We don’t believe it.

[Via Cellphone Signal]