Geek Gift Guidance

My buddy Owen wrote up his short list of geek gifts for 2008. His list includes some pretty interesting items.  I particularly liked this one:

Algin and Calcic

Algin and Calic are two additive ingredients for food that will let you do something called “Spherification” in a cooking discipline known as “Molecular Gastronomy”. The basic process is this: First, mix some calcic into a bowl of water. Then add a little algin to pureed (like watermelon) or liquid food, put some into the calcic bath using a spoon or a syringe, then quickly remove it from the bath and rinse it in clean water.

We’re all about to be inundated with the usual set of televisions, iPod accessories, and Blu-Ray players.  What unique geeky gifts do you recommend this holiday season?  What’s something cool but totally unexpected, like Algin and Calic, that will make for a more unique gift?