LG and PRADA release the PRADA II with matching PRADA Link watch

Info about the PRADA II mobile phone by LG has been widely available for some time now, but the two companies finally went official ’bout the handset and released a matching watch at the same time. The PRADA Link (really, that’s the best name?) is simply a Bluetooth-enabled device that displays not only the Caller ID, but also full SMS text messages in modern Dick Tracy fashion. The phone and watch come separately though with the PRADA II carrying 600 Euros ($755 USD) and Link going for 299 Euros ($376 USD). Unless LG built-in some fancy proprietary system, there probably isn’t any reason why the watch wouldn’t work with any ‘ol Bluetooth 2.1 device – that is if you want to spend that much cake on something that shows your laziness.