Bottlecap "tripod" – don't put anything expensive on it

I’ve jury-rigged some tripods before, but I’ve never yet had to stand my camera on top of a bottle. While this is an extremely space-efficient way to make your camera stand straight up, I fail to see more than a couple situations in which it’d be useful. For one thing, it’s incredibly easy to knock over, and the risk increases the heavier the payload. It doesn’t seem to be adjustable, so you can’t adjust for tilt — although that shouldn’t be a problem since there’s no way you could make the contraption stand up on an incline. However at a party or wedding, where you need to get a little height off the table for a group shot, this could be a handy little thing to have around.

Eh. I’ll stick with my little foldable tripod, thanks.
[via OhGizmo and GearFuse]