Trutap's slick new version mobilises socnets

The new version of Trutap – the mobile social network and aggregator – has a slick new design which gives users live updates from all their friends on just about any java handset. The new application’s features include: a personal newsfeed, ‘who’s online’, status & location, extended profile, searchable user directory, private messaging, email, SMS, blogging, photo-sharing and mobile IM. See the video below. In October Trutap added more social networks to the roster of social networks it aggregates.

Trutap is targeted at mid-to-high-range mobile phones that make up 85% of the market and has its biggest market share in emerging markets like India and Indonesia, where the iPhone and Blackberry are still considered luxury handsets. The new version will be rolled out to over 450 mobile phones by the end of 2008.

Right now the London-based startup has 250,000 users around the world and is currently raising a Series B funding round. To download Trutap, go to on your mobile or PC browser and it should auto-detect your browser version.

Trutap, the free mobile social network – video demo from Trutap on Vimeo.