XO Laptop to be sold in Europe (for a lot more than $100)


Those crazy Europeans will be able to buy an XO Laptop, too. Amazon’s Euro stores will sell the little guy for £263 (or €313 or $390). That’s strange, considering the One Laptop Per Child program was initially billed as the $100 laptop. What are you gonna do?

The Guardian, home of the Football Weekly podcast, calls the whole program a “flop,” noting that it has fallen well short of its 100 million laptops sold goal. (To date, about 600,000 has been sold.)

And what does your Euros and Pounds gets you? A 433MHz AMD processor, 256MB of RAM and a pack of gum.

Yes, it’s underpowered for the money, but you’re also Doing Good—it’s part of the get one, give one program—by buying it, so there’s that.