The Red EPIC strides from the mists of time

This, my friends, is a camera. Jim Janard over at Red has begun telling the world about his new modular camera system with its Mysterium-X sensor. There are a few upgrade paths for those who already own a RED ONE, the older generation including upgrading to the new sensor, trade in RED ONE for the price of an EPIC, or receive a sensor upgrade some time in the future. If the RED ONE costs $17,000 expect this one to be slightly more.

The kit can be used one of two ways – as a full-bore video camera like the original Scarlet or a DSLR. You take off most of the pieces of the video camera, for example, and then reconfigure them to make an SLR. Devin has been following these guys so I’ll let him tell you about it this afternoon but here are the images in all their glory.