Whoops! 7-Eleven breaks Wrath of the Lich King release date (by a few hours)

Whoa. Head thee to your local 7-Eleven right now (if you can) to check if it’s selling Wrath of the Lich King before it’s official launch at midnight tonight. (I’ll be at home watching Charlie Rose on PBS at that hour.) I know, it’s not like it’s a week ahead of schedule or anything, but still worth checking out on your lunch break if you’re not doing anything else.

Also, when did 7-Eleven start selling games? I haven’t been to one since maybe around 2003, so I had no idea this was going on. A Slurpee and Xbox game under the same roof? Next thing you know, cats and dogs will be doing stuff, together! Happily!

Update Also, duh, you won’t be able to do WotLK stuff till Blizzard flips the switch, which I’m guessing will happen at midnight tonight. I just found this out a few minutes ago, after having successfully installed the game. Nine hours to go!