AMD expected to announce netbook CPU this week

27436A-03 Likely irked by the rapid adoption of Intel’s Atom CPU, it’s expected that AMD will announce its own netbook-specific processor this week, according to APC Magazine.

The company is claiming that battery life and video performance are the two key areas that need to be better addressed. AMD’s VP of Advanced Marketing, Pat Moorehead, says that we should expect 8 to 9 hours of battery life out of a netbook and that the “hottest” netbook he’s tested only topped out at an hour and 45 minutes.

On the other hand, I haven’t personally tested a netbook that hasn’t cleared two hours with ease but if AMD wants to promise day-long battery life as standard netbook fare, then who am I to argue? The company also takes issue with the fact that netbooks seem to be increasing in price and says that it’s working with hardware partners to achieve “smaller form factors and lower notebook price points.”

As far as graphics go, AMD has ATI to power the video stuff so it’s likely that we’ll see the CPU and video chipset intermingled together into a tiny package.

[APC Mag via Liliputing]