Party's over: Craigslist cracking down on erotic services


Did you hear the news? Craigslist is completely broken now, unless you use it for things like “finding apartments” or “selling stolen goods.” Why? The site has signed a deal with 40 state attorneys general to fight prostitution. From now on, anyone who wants to post an ad on the Erotic Services part of the site will be required to provide a telephone number and a valid credit card, which will then be charged for the posting of the ad.

What is the world coming to when a person can’t advertise their talents for the low, low price of 75 roses?

Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster said that the new requirements shouldn’t be a problem for “legitimate businesses.”

The official justification for all of this is to help eliminate human trafficking, especially that which targets children. That’s impossible to argue against, yes, but think of the non-trafficked individuals that now have to jump through even more hoops to do business.

The end of an era.