Don't download the leaked New Xbox Experience


Lost in a flurry of caramel and processed sugar this weekend was news that the New Xbox Experience, also known as a user interface, has leaked online.

The fancy, I guess, UI for the Xbox 360 can be found at the usual places—you know what they are. Keep in mind that it’s merely a beta, the same one that was handed out to a lucky few in recent days. Gee, I wonder where the leak came from?

Oh, and here’s a warning: those of you who opt to illegally download and install the NXE will be banned from Xbox Live. That’s the threat, at least. I suppose that’s a big enough stick to ward of most of the would-be downloaders, but curiosity can get the best of you sometimes.

My advice: don’t even bother. Even though the install process appears to be dead simple, it’s still not worth the effort. In just a few days the update will be officially released, and then you can enjoy pressing left-right a lot to navigate your 360’s content (as opposed to pressing up-down as you do now). It’s revolutionary!