What better way to toughen up the Wii than with a Nerf game?

Now, let me make one thing clear. If they made an awesome Nerf game (indeed, if they have already made one), with “dart time,” Nerf shotguns, Nerf arrow sniping, and water ballons, complete with “Nerfalities” and stuff like that… if they made that game, no one would care that it was Nerf because it would just be awesome. I expect, however, that the new Nerf N-Strike is not that game. The Nerf/Wii blaster is a good idea (though I question its durability) and they have the right idea with the real Nerf guns in-game, “over-the-top” action and so on. But with only four players it’s not going to be a Nerf War, and for the money you could get a couple real Nerf guns and start blasting for real.

Wow, the word “Nerf” is in that paragraph ten times. I guess it’s unavoidable. Nerf