Yamaha Japan presents new electric-hybrid bicycle (limited edition)

Yamaha started selling a lithium-ion battery-powered electric bike in Japan in August (Panasonic followed up with its Vivi RX 10-S soon thereafter) and now presents the PAS CITY-C [JP].

The new Yamaha bike, which was manufactured in cooperation with Tokyo-based design company Plus Minus Zero, bike will be Japan-only.

Yamaha claims the bike can reach an assisted travel range of up to 65km with a single battery charge (that takes around 2 hours). Aimed mainly at Japanese homemakers, the PAS CITY-C comes equipped with an extra-large shopping basket that can be attached above the front wheel.

The bicycle measures 590×1540×715~850mm and weighs 21.8kg. Yamaha says it’s limited to 20 units and will cost $2,000 (colors available: green and grey). It can be pre-ordered in Nippon starting November 28 and will be delivered to buyers at the beginning of next year.

I am just wondering why no Japanese company seems to plan to export electric bikes to foreign markets.