Panasonic releases world's first 3D motion sensor that even works in direct sunlight

Panasonic Electric Works today released sales information on its 3D motion detector [JP] that was first presented to the general public during the CEATEC 2008 exhibition (held in Chiba/Japan three weeks ago). Panasonic claims its product is the world’s first of its kind that works in direct sunlight.

The company is planning to sell the detector to video game and robot makers, surveillance equipment manufacturers and advertisement companies.

The device, which measures 150mm×60mm×80mm (weight: 740g), has a detection range of one to five meters. It emits light from several dozen LEDs and can track movements of any object in 3D via CCD sensors. The device features an angle of view of 50° horizontally and 36° vertically.

Panasonic plans to sell the detector from next April for $10,000, targeting sales of 100,000 units per year by 2011. The company will sell the devices worldwide.