The teeniest utility knife in all the land

The Goblin King looked down from his throne at his subjects, cowered in terror, arrayed before him.

“Who among you can slay me!” he cried and no one dared to answer. Then, from the back of the Great Goblin Hall, came a lone, quiet voice.

“I do,” said Sir Mousekin of Briarbrush. He stepped forth and pulled from his wee belt the Mitey Utility Knife by Stanley ($3 for the knife and $2 for a set of blades). The 1 1/8″ steel blade flashed in the brimfirelight and the Goblin King smiled – finally, a worthy challenger to his throne.

“Does that sword come in green and yellow?”

“It does, sire,” said Sir Mousekin. “But soon it will be red with your blood.”

via Toolmonger