Bush doctrine for piracy: More laws! And a czar!

Really, though — who doesn’t like czars? Although the czars of today are a far cry from their imperial namesakes, they are still in positions of great power and presumed authority. I can’t imagine that, more than a decade into the ongoing controversy, this Intellectual Property Czar position has been created for anything other than the abuse of media lobbyists. After all, technology and science advisors should have already been well-versed in the subject when Bush came into power in 2000 — about when this thing really started taking off.

But no, they’ve waited until the month before the man is out of office to create yet another executive position to mandate policy, probably with the advisement of a battalion of industry lawyers. Not only that, but they’ve stiffened penalties for piracy — home-grown piracy by ones and twos, not the organized piracy of Asia where factories pump out knockoffs by the million. “Counterfeiting and piracy costs the United States nearly $250 billion annually,” says the Chamber of Commerce. As if the album-rippers of the United Mom’s Basements of America have that kind of pull!
[image from an old Fark Photoshop contest]