TunesRemote brings remote iTunes control to Android

If there was ever any question as to how many days we’d have to wait after the release of the first Android handset before someone would crack out an iTunes remote application, we’ve now got the answer: Zero.

By reverse engineering the same Digital Audio Control Protocol (DACP) used by the official iPhone Remote app, a developer named Jeffrey Sharkey has already managed to whip up a fully featured Android solution, dubbing it TunesRemote. No modifications to iTunes are necessary – just pair your Android handset with your iTunes Library, and away you go. As you can see in the video up above, TunesRemote already supports browsing and switching through songs, song scrubbing, and album art. As an awesome little perk, it appears that you can use the Android notification bar to check which song is currently playing from any application, or quickly jump to TunesRemote in just a click or two.