Lowepro updates the AW, Trekker series with the Classified and 600 AW II

I love my Lowepro Fastpack, but it’s bright red and draws far too much attention then I’d like. Not only do I pack my Pentax K200D and a handful of lenses, but it also stores my MacBook Pro and a couple grand worth of other doodads. My brother suggested I cover the Lowepro logo since NYC thieves are educated enough to know who they are. It’s something I’ve thought about but never executed.
This is probably something Lowepro has heard time and again, so they’ve announced the Classified AW series. It’s a bit more discreet than their normal packs, but gives the same high quality protection you’ve come to expect.

It looks like your normal run-of-the-mill messenger bag, which is a good thing. You can fully customize the innards of this one to suit your needs and comes in four different sizes. Sadly, only the largest pack has room for a 15.4-inch laptop. Major features include: “removable memory card wallet; padded shoulder strap with camera keeper to prevent sliding; removable 3-point stabilizing strap to minimize movement; zippered gusset to customize carrying capacity; full-grain, leather-trimmed divider system to cradle fragile equipment; built-in microfiber cloth to protect LCD screen; and leather handle for added comfort and additional carrying option.”

They’re available in black or sepia and will ship in early November. Full specs, dimensions and pricing after the jump.

Got a big lens? Like a 600mm or even 800mm lens? Say hello to the Lens Trekker 600 AW II. This beauty of bag features a removable and fully adjustable-torso harness system and a padded waist belt for you dainty chaps. There’s even room for six memory cards should you need that many. This one only comes in black and will be available later this month for $220. Dimensions after the jump.

Classified 140 AW Dimensions:

Interior: 6.5 W x 6.3 D x 8.9 H inches

16.5 W x 16 D x 22.5 H centimeters

Exterior: 9.8 W x 8.7 D x 11.8 H inches

25 W x 22 D x 30 H centimeters

Classified 160 AW Dimensions:

Interior: 8.9 W x 6.3 D x 11.2 H inches

22.5 W x 16 D x 28.5 H centimeters

Exterior: 13.4 W x 8.9 D x 14 H inches

34 W x 22.5 D x 35.5 H centimeters

Classified 200 AW Dimensions:

Interior: 15 W x 6.3 D x 11 H inches

38 W x 16 D x 28 H centimeters

Exterior: 18.3 W x 9.8 D x 14 H inches

46.5 W x 25 D x 35.5 H centimeters

Classified 250 AW Dimensions:

Interior: 15 W x 6.3 D x 11 H inches

38 W x 16 D x 28 H centimeters

Exterior: 18.3 W x 11 D x 14 H inches

46.5 W x 28 D x 35.5 H centimeters

Classified AW Series Colors:

Black, Sepia

Additional Features by Model:

Built-in key clip (one in 140 and 160; two in 200 and 250)

Luggage sleeve (200 and 250 only)

Removable leather handle wrap (200 and 250 only)

Padded compartment that fits most 15.4″ widescreen notebook (250 only)

Classified 140 $169.99

Classified 160 $189.99

Classified 200 $239.99

Classified 250 $259.99

Lens Trekker 600 AW II Dimensions:

Interior 9.1 W x 7 D x 24 H inches

23 W x 17.7 D x 61 H centimeters

Exterior 11 W x 12.6 D x 25.8 H inches

28 W x 32 D x 65.5 H centimeters