PS3 Eye hacked to work with Windows

Why would you want to hook up a PS3 Eye to your Windows machine? Well, you’ve already bought it – you might as well use it for something. (This is where someone is supposed to say “Ohhh snap!”, or declare a successful “burn”.)

When AlexP over at NUI Group needed a high quality video recorder for multitouch projects, he turned to the PS3 Eye. Dirt cheap and capable of capturing VGA video at 60 frames per second, it was perfect – except that it didn’t work with Windows due to a lack of drivers. So after burning through a few barrels of that good ol’ midnight oil, Alex has released a driver of his own, granting the PS3 Eye a new reason for existing.

I actually attempted to build a multi-touch table with some friends about a year back, but gave up specifically because we weren’t able to find a suitable camera within our price range. Looks like it might be time to give it another shot.

[Via Hackaday]