Early-stage European Startups Take Honours At Seedcamp

Seedcamp, the European-wide competion for seed-stage startups, ended on a high this week, naming a record seven winners rather than the five they originally set out to award. The seven will each get €50,000 seed funding from Seedcamp’s conglomerate of venture backers, but the stake in each startup will vary, along similar lines to the Y-Combinator model.

Check out TechCrunch UK for a fuller write-up but the winners were:

BaseKit (UK)
This is a deceptively easy way to create complex web sites and applications, which saves time building simple apps and demos.

Kyko (UK) (no site yet)
Currently in stealth mode, but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty good for a 21-year old founder.

Mobclix (US)
A “comscore with an ad network for iPhones apps” said the judges.They were also a TechCrunch 50 company. They are considering moving to Europe where the mobile scene is hot right now.

Soup (Austria)
This is Tumblr for the rest of us. It has a Twitter-like interface enabling feed imports/ lifestreaming, bookmarklets, you name it.

Stupeflix (France)
This is similar to Animoto but where that site takes hours to convert video Stupeflix does it in real time on a massive scale.

Toksta (Germany)
This is white label IM and video for social networks, so socnets don’t have to create it themselves. This adds stickiness and increases user activity.

uberVU (Romania)
uberVU keeps track of context from all over the Web (responses, comments, trackbacks, diggs, etc.) around a story so you can see what people are saying about it on different sites and services. The founders say they are “mapping the conversational graph” – pretty cool stuff for three guys from Romania, not known for many startups.

The rest of the Seedcamp finalists were Zoombu, Szuku, Decisions for Heroes, Adtaily, Saplo , Yoose, Quillp, Entrip, scred.com, tickerTXT, Speedsell, ThoughtTrail, Tripwolf, Deepmemo, FDream.