Razer Megalodon gaming headset: the Piranha's big brother

You guys may have seen my Piranha review; I consider it a good deal as it has nice sound, a decent mic, and is pretty lightweight although it squishes your head somewhat. Well, the Piranha’s bigger, badder brother the Megalodon (after this joker) is going to be hitting the scene soon and it looks awesome. If they squeezed such great sound out of the Piranha’s limited frame, I can’t wait to hear what they’ve got in a bigger package. 7.1 Surround sound? Yes, please. I’ve got a line on some other surround sound headsets, though, so there’ll be competition.

It also sports a much cooler in-line remote, which is great since the cabling and remote was probably the weakest point of the Piranha. It’ll be available in “Q4 2008,” which if I’m not mistaken, is the Q we are just entering. I’ll have a full review as soon as I get my hands on ’em.