New wireless mice and keyboard from HP – OMG a Ctrl-Alt-Del key!

I didn’t have a good time with the last wireless keyboard/mouse combo I had, but I’m ready to try again. This keyboard has the most dumb/smart feature of all time, a Ctrl-Alt-Del key. That’s awesome. Yes, there are jokes to be made, but I use the task manager for more than killing crashed programs. Anyway, the keyboard also has a “rotary button,” commonly referred to as a knob, and about five billion function keys (I count at least 27 in reality). They appear to have made the same mistake as Microsoft did, in not separating the F-keys into distinguishable groups. Trouble brewing! At least it comes with a cool-looking mouse.

The Vector mouse features a sort of right-handed curve in its design, which I trust is reasonably comfortable. I question the wisdom of having two tiny, indistinguishable buttons right next to each other there, but maybe it’ll work out. Anyway, if you don’t like it, you can always replace it with their more generic Wireless Optical Mobile mouse, a smaller, more traditional affair. Price is $80 for the set, no word on the Mobile; I’d guess around 40 smackers.