Monster rock docking system for iPod and iPhone

Whoa! That looks like a monster. It seriously seems as if that iPhone has its own Marshall half-stack. Neither the press release or the sell-sheet say how powerful those speakers are, but, hey, there are four of ‘em – so it’s gotta be loud, right?

Ok, ok, so they are only 2” speakers, but you probably weren’t looking for something to blow down your neighbor’s wall anyways. You might just be more interested in the fact that it works for both versions of the iPhone, along with any iPod that docks. Or perhaps it would be nice to know that the music automatically pauses when an incoming call is detected. Maybe it’s the auxiliary input or the FM receiver you’re looking for.

If you were looking for something to blow down your neighbor’s wall, you won’t find any help here. But you will find details from Altec Lansing about this docking system after the jump.

inMotion MAX Portable Digital Music System for iPhone and iPod
Tracing back to its roots as the first developer of the iPod docking system, Altec Lansing is launching the new inMotion MAX – a slim, portable, all-in-one music system designed to reproduce natural sound of the highest quality in its class. Using proprietary ESS technology, XdB bass-enhancement and twin precision-matched speakers, the new Altec Lansing inMotion MAX delivers sound unmatched by the competition and at a surprisingly large stereophonic range – easily filling any size room with rich, realistic, distortion-free audio.

Compatible with Apple iPhone, Apple iPod and most MP3 players, the inMotion MAX speaker system automatically pauses music when a call is received on an iPhone. The inMotion MAX is fully immune to GSM and Wi-Fi signals – preventing the speakers from picking up potential intermittent noises emitted by the iPhone 3G, original iPhone or other mobile devices. The inMotion MAX supports iPhone and iPod alarm and sleep timer features and is additionally equipped with a built-in digital FM radio and high contrast LCD to display songs and FM station data (RDS). A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 3.5 hours of continuous play.

The Altec Lansing inMotion MAX (iMT702) system will be available October 2008 for $199.95 (U.S. MSRP).