As the dollar gets stronger, Acer and HP raise prices

3mU.S. Dollar to British Pound Exchange Rate

When I was in London in May, I paid $30 per day for internet access at my hotel, $4 for a large regular coffee at the Starbucks across the street, and $10 per pint at the pub around the corner. The dollar was weak, weak, weak – roughly half the value of the British pound. The dollar is a little stronger now at $1.75 per pound, which is good for tourists but bad for certain types of business.

Acer has announced that it’ll be raising prices to UK-based distributors between 5% and 8% starting next Monday, the 15th. Consumers will eventually feel the effects later in the year. HP will raise its prices as well, also about the same amount as Acer and also starting on Monday.

According to CRN:

Acer said in a statement: "We expect the price our distribution partners pay for new product to increase between 5-8 per cent depending on the product, but we do not expect this increase to reach the end consumer until the fourth quarter.

"We have met with each distribution partner to make them aware of this change and have worked with them on their stock profile to ensure they are in a competitive position in the channel."

It stands to reason that, in light of HP’s and Acer’s announcements, other manufacturers may follow suit.