Anti-Spore Web site calls the game an attack on Christianity for teaching evolution


I’m starting to think this anti-Spore site is merely a prank. It’s worded too perfectly to be On The Real™.

Right, so even though Spore has been favorably reviewed (despite the DRM uproar), a pious Christian is taking the game to task for promoting “biggest attack on Christian values to date.” Ok, terrific!

The site, faithfully titled Anti-Spore, slams Will Wright, Electronic Arts and its employees for creating a game that promotes evolution (as opposed to creationism). As such, it must be outlawed, destroyed, etc etc.

But again, I think this site is fake. Read this:

However, I have received many comments saying that the game is more like intelligent design than evolution and I must say I very much disagree after using Craigslist to find someone who would allow me to watch how the game is played.

Now tell me that doesn’t read like some smartass wind-up merchant wrote it.

But oh God—am I allowed to say “Oh, God”?—you need to read he comments.

Great site, really. Job well done.