Zune gets a clock, 4-key passcode, updated prices

Here are a few nuggets that weren’t available in the Zune press release from yesterday. For the first time the Zune will finally have a clock. Hooray! The next pretty big feature is the addition of a 4-key passcode.

Pricing is as follows:

120GB- $249
80GB- Currently $249 but it will drop to $229 on the 16th
16GB- $199
8GB- Currently $179 but will drop to $149

The new blue Zune will only be available in 8GB and the 120GB will only come in black on black.

PS- Sorry about the ghetto image, but I don’t seem to have CF card reader at the office, so I’ve had to take a photobooth image. But you can see the clock in the corner and I’ll update this with high-res images in the a bit.