Virgin Mobile Gets Buzzd On Location-Based Entertainment

Buzzd on Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile announced today that it has inked a deal with Buzzd, a location-based city guide and social network, to equip Virgin Mobile handsets with the ability to allow local entertainment information to be broadcast and shared among Virgin Mobile customers in the same general proximity.

Dubbed “buzzd on Virgin Mobile,” the new service will run on the carrier’s WAP deck and deliver event and venue information. as well as reviews and ratings on restaurants and other popular places from people around them.

Virgin is quick to point out that “buzzd on Virgin Mobile” does more than that. And why wouldn’t it want to stress that? Most of what buzzd will offer on the handsets can already be found from apps in Apple’s App Store, such as Whrrl, Where, and Yelp.

Regardless, “buzzd on Virgin Mobile” will let subscribers find and connect with friends via SMS and can access up-to-date information like event feeds and pricing data from the platform. According to Virgin Mobile, all user-generated feedback is layered at the top throughout the platform for easy access.

In order to use “buzzd on Virgin Mobile,” which is only available in the United States, users can register for the service by texting ‘join’ to 96321 on a Virgin Mobile handset or by clicking the “buzzd” link on Virgin XL.

Buzzd on Virgin Mobile