Finlux on Display at IFA 2008

Salacious photos after the jump.

Finlux unveiled several new televisions and set-top boxes at IFA.  The video they selected to demonstrate the sets at the front of their stand was the most salacious of the whole show (though I never did get to the Penthouse stand), while the rest of the sets on display were showing much more business like sequences.

Many television manufacturers are touting how “green” they are, usually by demonstrating how much less power their sets consume.  Finlux took a slightly different approach, by showcasing a pair of TVs with glossy green bezels.

To be fair, though, Finlux looks to be conscious of the entire manufacturing process when they talk about their environment-friendliness, rather than just focusing on power savings.

Finlux had the usual assortment of TVs, too, ranging from 65″ to 26″, in a variety of thin and thick form factors.