Halo 4 rumors continue with departure of Gearbox's Director of Platform Technology

Remember the other day we mentioned that Gearbox might be working on Halo 4? Here’s the quick and dirty to catch you up. Bungie will no longer be working on the Halo franchise and there’s no doubt that Halo 4 is coming at some point in the future. Gearbox Software was responsible for the PC Halo title Halo: Combat Evolved.

Here’s where it gets interesting, Gearbox head Randy Pitchford stating in February that he’d be directing the new project that’s really, awesomely big and now Gearbox’s Director of Platform Technology Corrinne Yu is leaving for the Halo team at MS. A purported internal e-mail was obtained by Kotaku that details Yu’s transition from Gearbox to Microsoft. We’re not sure what this means, but it certainly lends some fat to the rumor that Gearbox is working on H4.

Hello, friends.

I am Corrinne Yu, Director of Technology of Gearbox Software .

I was offered and recruited to the position of Principle (Lead) Engine Architect of Halo Franchise Team at Microsoft . I accepted the offer to lead the team to build the engines and games for future Halo’s on Xbox’es and PC’s at Microsoft.

I am staying to simu-ship Brothers In Arms all versions. I will start Halo after BiA starts manufacturing. Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands are more than mostly completed. I assure you I will continue to help Gearbox. I am starting on Halo Team at Microsoft after 09/15/2008. My email after that day will be XXXX@microsoft.com.

I would be glad to introduce my friendly helpful Corrinne replacements at Gearbox to you. I am stoked to program and design and build some awesome Halo’s.

Let’s stay in touch!

after 09/15/2008

Corrinne Yu
Principle Engine Architect
Halo Franchise Team

after 09/15/2008:

before 09/15/2008

Corrinne Yu

before 09/15/2008:
Director of Technology
Gearbox Software

Since Gearbox confirmed with Shacknews it makes me wonder if this letter is real considering Yu’s title is not Director of Technology. Either way they confirmed that Yu is leaving for MS, so I guess it doesn’t matter.