Samurai Weapon: Awesome blog destroyer widget

Video game publisher Koei has released a very cool "interactive" widget (see below) featuring a Samurai you don’t want to mess with. The site, where you can download the widget from, was launched to promote Koei’s "Kunitori Zunou Battle – Nobunaga no Yabou", a Nintendo DS game from the never-ending Nobunaga’s Ambition game series.

Luckily, the site is in both Japanese and English, as is the widget itself. Try to click on the widget first and see what happens. If you keep teasing the Samurai, he will just get madder and madder.

Koei is recommending ADSL for the widget to work properly and warns: "Don’t copy and paste the tag on your blog on pain of death!". I think you understand what they mean.

Via Asiajin