Free tetris clone Tris removed from App Store

EA Games pushes out an iPhone port Tetris, and sells it for $9.99. An independent developer goes and makes his own Tetris clone (as has been done on just about every single electronic device ever created since the dawn of man) called Tris and offers it for the world for free. This is all going to go perfectly smooth, right?

Of course not. Tris’ developer Noah Witherspoon has received word from Apple legal that owners of the Tetris trademark, The Tetris® Company, have started to throw around legal jargon. As a result, Noah has pulled Tris from the App Store while figuring out where he stands legally.

Screw it, Noah. It’s Tetris. It’s the most heavily cloned game in the history of ever, and one with a long history of legal controversy. If you’re able to make a free alternative for something which would otherwise cost a Hamilton, more power to you. Rename it as “LOL FALLING SHAPES!”, and you’re good to go.