Ultra-thin OLEDs on the way

It seems that one of the limiting factors in miniaturizing OLED screens is the substrate. This isn’t surprising, considering the OLEDs themselves are microscopically thin, but I’m kind of surprised they haven’t moved on from glass substrates already since the benefits are so manifest. I guess cost must have been an issue, or else maybe there just was never a friendship like that between Vitex and Novaled. Like the Wonder Twins, their powers combined produce a product greater than the sum of their components.

Vitex is providing its “Barix” film technology to encapsulate Novaled’s most energy-efficient OLEDs, creating a flexible, super-thin, long-lasting OLED display (hopefully). I’m not sure exactly where these things are in relation to you, the consumer, but I’m guessing not very near at the moment. We’ll keep you posted, although tech like this tends to fade into the background once it’s adopted.