T-minus “several months” for brainwave games

Can’t wait to play video games with your braaaaain? Well in “several months” you should be able to purchase the Emotiv EPOC.

We’ve been keeping tabs on the progress of this gadget and we’re excited. I dunno how well the tech will work on a massive scale – what with everybody having different brains and all – but the demo at IDF was pretty cool.

Cool and realistic. Realistic in the sense that the dude wearing the headgear had some trouble getting it to work effortlessly. In the demonstration game, he was tasked with moving some objects around. The sky reflected his mood with a changing color palette. (That was demonstrated by him growling at the screen – facial expression recognition). However, when it came time to “pick up” some planks of wood in order to complete a bridge, it took some amount of concentration. With several thousand people rooting him on as he “used the force”, he eventually was able to complete the task.

The fact that it required a little bit of extra concentration makes the whole thing seem more approachable. If we are gonna have brainwave controllers, I know I ain’t gonna expect them to work awesomely at the first generation. But being awesome? Yeah. Lots of potential here…