ZvBox gets unboxed

Lucky duck Dave Zatz recently unboxed his eval-unit ZvBox. The unimpressive looking box is really equiped with an innovative feature set. It takes a PC- or web-based content and streams it over your homes coax cables for QAM-equiped TVs to pick up. Seriously, why doesn’t more manufacturers use this technique? 

We spoke briefly to Dave about the unit and he seems impressed so far. We both thought that the $499 price seems a bit steep, but a more in-depth hands-on might — hopefully — reveal justification. If the UI is solid, and the streaming is great, then yeah, $499 wouldn’t be a bad price to stream media to every TV in the house. Got to admit that ZeeVee didn’t skimp on the remote though; multi-thousand dollar HDTVs come with lamer remotes. More on the ZvBox to come.