Circuit City pawns getting Microsoft-powered Tablet PCs

There was a time that a salesman actually needed to have enough skill, or knowledge, to sell a product — not both though. Circuit City got away from salesman way back in 2003, and now they are further enhancing their minions with some tablet PCs. EDGE, which creatively stands for Enhanced Digital Guide Experience, was created with customer in mind, but to be used by the associates on Windows XP-powered tablets.

Let’s dive into the press release.

Boosts store associate confidence, credibility and versatility. With Circuit City’s vast product line, sales associates sometimes shrank from guest encounters because they were not always confident of the answer. EDGE gives them what they need to sell or discuss any product in the store as well as any product on because the mobile tool integrates online content for a seamless multichannel experience.

So according to Microsoft, not only will these tablet PCs help the associates, but now, just maybe, customers can actually get waited on because the associates won’t be afraid of ’em.

Allows for more satisfying guest experiences with every visit. Guests receive a more consistent experience when they interact with EDGE, which helps to improve the overall perception that the city is a unique and differentiated place to shop for consumer electronics.

Are customers going to use EDGE while the associate stands there, holding the tablet? 

Complements the new-hiring strategy in the city store format. The city has been able to expand its hiring pool and can now seek friendly associates with strong team-building and communication skills rather than searching exclusively for highly technical associates.

Chicks? Is Circuit City going to start hiring women sales associates? (O.K. stop yelling. Yes, we know women are technical too, but have you ever been in a Circuit City? It’s like an Alaskan LAN party on the sales floor.)

Influences future growth of the company. The city store format incorporates a number of new elements influenced by EDGE, including a more innovative store layout and easy-to-use technology to help guests make smarter buying decisions.

More technology, less sales people. Sounds like a good plan Circuit City.

We kid, we kid. Still, with all this new roaming platform, will anyone be able to find the checkouts easier?