German teens unfairly busted for being awesome

chairNot actually the actual chair the teens actually built in actuality.

Two 17-year olds in Germany got busted on Saturday for tooling around town on their undeniably awesome office chair outfitted with a lawnmower engine and bike brakes. It’s being called the world’s fastest office chair but I’d be really interested to see how fast it actually goes and also the office chair that’s the second fastest in the world now that it’s been bumped out of the top spot by the German chair.

Apparently, the teens claimed that they were just testing the chair out on a small stretch of road but townspeople said that the no-good whippersnappers had been driving it all over town. Now the kids are in hot water for not having insurance or registration and driving without a license. Let ‘em go! We’ll all have a good laugh!

Engineers, a question. How fast could a lawnmower engine conceivably propel a run-of-the-mill swiveling office chair? Fast? Really fast? Really, really fast?

[via Make]