Japanese company offers "green", inexpensive digital camera

Tokyo-based Plaza Create started selling a recycable digital camera [JP, PDF] this weekend (Japan-only at this point). And considering its low price ($18), the camera doesn’t seem to be too bad.

The so-called “Eco digi mode” measures 120×53×71mm (weight: 245g), is waterproof (up to 3m depth) and can be used for 50 pictures. After these are used up, the cameras can be given back to specialized photo stores which transfer the images on CD and take care of the recycling.

The owners themselves are not able to copy or transfer their pictures from the “Eco digi mode” to any kind of medium but the data CD is included in the price. The camera itself has a 3 million megapixel sensor and comes with a 2.4 inch-LCD display.